1. What is Biscuit's Deflation Mechanism?

Each Sell transaction on PancakeSwap shall be charged a 1% fee. This fee will be burned directly, contributing to reducing inflation in Farming.

2. How many farmed tokens will be distributed to Farmers?

It's 80%
(30% of them will be distributed to participants instantaneously, 70% of them will be locked for 1 year and will be distributed continuously block by block after that)

3. How to join Farming Referral Program?

You need to have 50 BCU tokens in your balance to activate 1-Tier of Referral Program and 500 BCU tokens in your balance to activate 2-Tier of Referral Program

4. What is the minimum capital to join farming?

There is no minimum and maximum capital to join BCU farming.
Last modified 8mo ago