Farming and Staking on Biscuit Finance

Farming on Biscuit Finance

Step 1: On PancakeSwap, in the Trade section, choose Liquidity, then go to Add Liquidity and select the corresponding token pair to create the LP. For example, I choose the BCU-BUSD pair, enter the BNB number, and automatically convert the corresponding number of BCU. Click Supply and then click to create a pair of LPs that we will be using at Biscuit Finance
Step 2: After successfully creating a pair of LPs in PancakeSwap. Everyone via chooses the corresponding pair of LPs to do Farming.
Step 3: Before Farming, everyone needs to Approve Contact, for a quick Approve, you can Edit gas charges on BSC
Step 4: After Approve has been successfully approved, you can start Farming by clicking on the Stake button and entering the number of LPs you want farming.
Step 5: After Stake, based on APR data, we will get profit-sharing as BCU. To withdraw the BCU profit earned from Farming, click on the Harvest button and confirm the transaction via Metamask.
Step 6: To ADD or WITHDRAW LP numbers, people press the +/- button and enter the LP number to operate. This move is that we are Unstake to withdraw capital from the farm.
Withdraw BCU-BUSD
Deposit BCU-BUSD Tokens
Step 7: After withdrawing the LP and you want to convert the 2 tokens that were used to add LP, on PancakeSwap, in the Trade section we choose Liquidity, then on Add Liquidity.
Step 8: If you do not export the LP pairs, as shown above, click Import It and proceed to fill in the tokens pair used to add the LP before. Next, press the Back button to return to the previous interface. Wait a moment to show your's LP pair.
Import Pool if not found LP
Step 9: Once the LP pair appears, press on the LP extension. Continue to click Remove and enter % of the amount of LP you want to withdraw to the wallet corresponding to the number of tokens of 2 tokens that you used to create LP before.

Stalking on Biscuit Finance

Step 1: Select the pool where you use the token to staking and make BCU profits
Step 2: Proceed to Approve Contact, for example, I choose BUSD. The following results:
Step 3: Operations like Stake, Harvest profits, or withdrawal capital from the pool are similar to how we go farming with LP.
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